Marie-Helene Ganster is a spontaneous, sociable but serious woman, who is young at heart and very feminine. Actress, author and humorist, alias Marylène has made Quebec her home for the last 30 years.
She arrived in the spring of 1966 as a young member of a theatre company, and decided to settle down amongst her "North American" cousins… with her mother and older sister’s permission… bien sûr! Her initial plan was to stay for three weeks…
Marylène was born on March 2 in Angers, France and spent parts of her childhood near the German border, then in Lyon and in Paris before moving to Montreal. Her stage career began at the age of 9 in Lyon where she sang and acted, as well as performed in classical ballet. At a very young age, Marylène could be heard on the radio and seen on both the stage and television. When she was based in Paris, this young "vedette" toured France and abroad for a few years.
In 1966, she arrived in Montreal to perform in a musical-comedy at the St-Denis Theatre. This petite, demure young lady's accomplishments were very impressive.
You may be wondering where Astrology fits in! Well… Marylène has always had a passion for it. Even as an entertainer, she was well versed in the subject. For twenty years now, Marylène has been a full-time Astrologer. She has neglected the stage, in order to devote herself to the study and research of the stars.
Marylène’s fans understood that the singer-comedienne was deeply interested in Astrology; her faithful followers soon recognized her professionalism; they have maintained their loyalty to this day. Some have expressed their regret at not hearing Marylène "the singer" more often. Such a great talent! Marylène admits to being somewhat nostalgic concerning the profession that was her life for many years... and says that she may even return to the stage someday... if the opportunity arises and her birth chart does not reveal any obstacles!
In the meantime, Marylène loves to share her insight through teaching and writing about Astrology. For many years, her television show "La Ronde des Planètes" drew a substantial following in Montreal. Her daily astrological "capsules" are read throughout the country and worldwide on the Internet!
Marylène’s goal is to demystify Astrology. She endeavors to give this ancient science its rightful place and to stop people from confusing it with all sorts of silly, stupid beliefs!
Marylène also loves to do Astrological readings for people who order their personal studies…